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Dear Friends & Members of East Valley Republican Women Federated:

2020 has proven to be a year of challenges with the shutdown of our store followed by the horrible vandalism we experienced May 31,2020 at 1:15 in the morning at East Valley headquarters. in La Quinta. 

As you probably know, our hundreds of volunteers work tirelessly to register voters as well as raising a significant amount of money every year to pay for civic education and scholarships for young people in our community.  Our “TRUMP Store” is our main source of income and these funds offset the bulk of our overhead

This senseless, baseless act of domestic terrorism, which involved smashed windows and three Molotov cocktails, has caused our club untold financial hardship, and we are now forced to spend our limited resources on hiring nighttime security to protect our headquarters and its members.

To that end, a very generous friend of East Valley Republican Women has created a “Go Fund Me” Campaign to help us offset the cost of our security needs.  But it will not be successful unless we have your help, because today, there are forces at work to negate conservative efforts via social media.  We post things on Facebook and Twitter that disappear the minute we post them. 

We need every one of our friends to reach out to their friends (and so on and so on) until this campaign gains momentum.  All of you have like-minded friends with whom you communicate.  They have like-minded friends with whom they communicate.  It’s like an old fashioned chain letter.  At the bottom of this letter is a link which you can click on, that takes you to our “Go Fund Me” Page and it will tell you all about this campaign to raise money. 

With your help in spreading this word to everyone you know, and asking your friends to contact everyone they know, we will reach those folks who will be willing to reach into their pockets and make any sort of donation to help us offset these costs and also to bring awareness to others, about how ruthlessly conservative voices are being silenced!

Thank you for all your help and support. 
Joy Miedecke
President East Valley Republican Women Federated


One America News Reporting
EVRWF Firebombing
EVRWF thug who broke window and started
Fire Bomber in Custody
EVRWF Security Cameras caught this fire bomber on video. See Video Below!
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